2018 Yearbook Best in Texas

The Texas Association of Journalism Educators announces its annual contest for high school and junior high yearbooks. Categories include concept, writing, design and photography/artwork. The entries must be received on or before Oct. 26, 2018. Awards will be posted at taje.org by Dec. 21, 2018.

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Contest Information
The contest entry fees will be $3 per entry. Advisers MUST be TAJE members to enter. Profits from the contest benefit TAJE projects, including scholarship programs. The contest will focus on the quality of concept, writing and design to give yearbook staff members an opportunity to gain recognition for their individual journalistic accomplishments. The deadline for receiving entries is Oct. 26, 2018.

Winning entries will be awarded certificates of superior, excellent or honorable mention as judged by qualified scholastic journalism persons. New for 2018-2019: Entries receiving a superior rating will be eligible for the Best of the Best award. One overall winner will be selected from each contest group (concept, section copy, design, photography). Yearbook entries should be from the previous year’s book.

Entries should be submitted at taje.org. Upload appropriately named PDFs (for categories Y1-Y23) or JPGs (for categories Y24-Y31).

The naming scheme is Categorynumber__school_studentname.

Make checks payable to TAJE. Mail payments directly to TAJE. Entries may not be judged if payment or proof of payment request is not received by Dec. 1. Invoices provided on request.

E-mail contests@taje.org with any questions.

Mail checks to: TAJE PO Box 9187 Austin, TX 78766

All entries may be published in TAJE materials.


This year’s Best in Texas Yearbook contest is live. Entries this year should be submitted at bit.ly/2OmBtDT and must be received by the end of the day Oct. 26.

Starting with this year’s contest, we’ll be awarding the Best of the Best awards for concept, section copy, design and photography in yearbook. Entries that receive a superior rating will be eligible for this award.

A few more changes this year:

  • We are moving from using Machform to Google Forms this year for all Best in Texas contests (not just yearbook). You’ll only need to fill out the form once, unless students are tasked with submitting entries individually.
  • All entries should be placed in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. There is a place on the entry form to submit a link to this folder. Please make sure that the permissions allow for people with the link to access the folder. I’m hoping this will eliminate any doubts about whether we received your entries, how many entries you submitted, and what you submitted.
  • If you’ve renewed your TAJE membership, then you received our first-ever contest winners poster. This year’s rules note that your students’ work may be used in future TAJE publications. The poster is the reason for that addition.
  • We’ll offer an opportunity for schools to submit their entries or get help at the Fall Fiesta. Keep an eye on the schedule for the time and location.

Please pay attention to the naming scheme for files (Categorynumber_School_StudentName). This is the only way we know which files belong to which school and how to award recognition. Failure to follow the naming scheme may lead to your entries not being judged or issues with the award certificates.

See the Best in Texas rules for complete information. And please email me at contests@taje.org with questions, suggestions or comments.



Y1. Theme Development – Include all opening, closing and divider spreads
Y2. Theme Copy: Include opening, closing and divider spread copy
Y3. Sidebar Presentation: Include entire spread with sidebar
Y4. Headline Writing: Include five headlines with stories
Y5. Caption Writing: Include five captions with photographs
Y6. Alternative Copy: Include one spread per entry. Will be evaluated on design and content
Y7. Infographics: Include entire spread with graphic

Section Copy
Y8. Student Life: Include copy and headline
Y9. Academics: Include copy and headline
Y10. Organizations: Include copy and headline
Y11. Sports: Include copy and headline
Y12. People: Include copy and headline

Y13. Student-Designed Cover: Must be the work of students, not designed with the aid of yearbook company artists
Y14. Student-Designed Endsheets: Must be the work of students, not designed with the aid of yearbook company artists
Y15. Opening/Closing: Include one sample of spread design
Y16. Title Page Design: Include one sample of page design
Y17. Dividers: Include one sample of divider spreads
Y18. Student Life: Include one spread per entry
Y19. Academics: Include one spread per entry
Y20. Organizations: Include one spread per entry
Y21. Sports: Include one spread per entry
Y22. People: Include one spread per entry
Y23. Multi-topic Spread: Include one spread per entry

Photography (Include related captions with photos)
Y24. Human Interest: People-centric. Strong emotion, clear story
Y25. Student Life: Emphasis on students outside of classroom
Y26. Academics: Emphasis on faculty/students during the school day
Y27. Organizations: Emphasis on students engaged in activities outside the classroom
Y28. Sports Action: Action-centered. Should be carefully cropped
Y29. Sports Feature: Human-interest centered
Y30. Portrait: Informal/environmental portrait or studio portrait.
Y31. Photo Portfolio: Include 5 photos with captions from any section of the book

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