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Review Writing

Review Writing

Students will write an entertainment review based on a performance. Each reviewer will form his or her opinion on the performance. Contestants may use a dictionary and/or thesaurus. Students using computers must save their entries as PDFs and have them completely printed by the end of the contest.

• Includes background.
• Answers the appropriate question: “Is it worth what I’d have to pay to see/hear it?”
• Uses purposeful wording to persuade the reader.
• Includes the name/title in review.

Writing Contests Guidelines
• Writers should bring pencils, pens, erasers, notebook paper, dictionary, thesaurus and stylebook. Students are allowed to bring computers. Some printers will be available, but students may wish to bring their own printer. Stories must be saved as PDFs and completely printed by the end of the contest.
• Style should be consistent throughout writing.

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