The official site of Texas Association of Journalism Educators


The official site of Texas Association of Journalism Educators


The official site of Texas Association of Journalism Educators


Scholastic Journalism Organizations

JEA (Journalism Education Association)
The Journalism Education Association supports free and responsible scholastic journalism by providing resources and educational opportunities, by promoting professionalism, by encouraging and rewarding student excellence and teacher achievement, and by fostering an atmosphere which encompasses diversity yet builds unity.

ILPC (Interscholastic Press Association) 
Goals of ILPC

  • To emphasize journalistic writing and coverage in student publications as a means of teaching higher order thinking skills in students.
  • To maintain the student press as an instrument published by students, for students, and containing news of student activities.
  • To emphasize the journalistic integrity of student publications and to discourage the use of student publications for purely public relations, “happy news” functions.
  • To protect student publications from propagandists, faddists and those who would use it for self-promotion and self-advancement.
  • To promote scholastic journalism as an avocation for the majority and to emphasize its vocational aspects with care and discrimination.
  • To conduct contests, seminars, conventions and workshops with the intention of stimulating greater efforts from students and advisers to produce quality publications – not as an end in itself but as a means in educational development.
  • To reward and promote excellence as an incentive to higher standards of journalistic and educational endeavor.

ATPI (Association of Texas Photography Instructors)
The Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI) provides information and resources to teachers and students that work with photography, whether in Art, Journalism, Career and Technology or Vocational curriculum areas.

CSPA (Columbia Scholastic Press Association)
Founded in 1925, the Association unites student editors and faculty advisers working with them who produce student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and online media. Students come from public, private and church-related schools and colleges throughout the United States and from overseas schools following an American plan of education. The Association is owned and operated by Columbia University.

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association serves student journalists as follows:

  1. to make clear expression the standard for success;
  2. to maintain the student media for students, by students and containing news of students;
  3. to conduct contests and offer awards to make student media better than they were; and
  4. to recognize that journalism can be a means towards broader understanding of society and people.

NSPA (National Scholastic Press Association)
The National Scholastic Press Association, based and incorporated in Minnesota as a non-profit educational association, provides journalism education services to students, teachers, media advisers and others throughout the United States and in other countries. NSPA has three divisions. Memberships for middle school, junior high school and high school student media are organized under the National Scholastic Press Association division of NSPA. Memberships for college, university and professional and technical school student media are organized under the Associated Collegiate Press division of NSPA. Middle school, junior high school and high school student media in Minnesota are organized under the Minnesota High School Press Association division of NSPA. Memberships are open to all student media at public and private schools at an annual membership fee.

Quill and Scroll
We encourage, support and recognize individual student initiative and achievement in scholastic journalism, irregardless the medium.

Quill and Scroll’s Vision
To recognize every student, through induction into the society, who meets the criteria established by the society.

Quill and Scroll’s History
Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was organized April 10, 1926, at the University of Iowa by renowned pollster George H. Gallup and a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing individual student achievement in journalism and scholastic publication.

Since its founding, school charters have been granted to more than 11,300 high schools in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 29 foreign countries. Media advisers in chartered schools are eligible to recommend outstanding high school journalism students for membership in Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society.


Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA)
The Southern Interscholastic Press Association is a not-for-profit organization of public schools, including middle, junior and senior high schools, and independent schools. Its purpose is to encourage a high degree of professionalism in scholastic journalism and mass communications in the Southeast.