Headline Writing

Headline Writing

Contestants will have an hour to write headlines to specified counts for six printed stories and record answers on provided answer sheets. (Contestants may use only blank or plain lined paper for scratch paper.)

Headlines can be written upstyle, downstyle, or
in block letters, but contestants should remain consistent in style.

Headlines do not end with periods. Students may bring and use a
thesaurus, a dictionary and an AP Stylebook, either bound or electronic.

Students will need to bring pencils and erasers.

• Headlines should fit the mood/content of the story and contain the most important, relevant information written to catch the reader’s attention.
• Headlines should utilize active verbs in the present or future tense. If a headline has both a main and secondary headline, at least one of the headlines must have a verb.
• Headlines should not include split prepositional or verb phrases
• While creativity is important, emphasis will be given to accuracy and correct form.
• Students should avoid using the same word twice, using unfamiliar abbreviations, and starting the headline with a verb.
• Students should use single quotation marks and omit articles (a, an, the). A comma may be used in most cases in place of “and.”
• Headlines over or under count will be disqualified.

Writing Contests Guidelines
Writers should bring pencils, pens, erasers, notebook paper, dictionary, thesaurus and stylebook. Students are allowed to bring computers. Some printers will be available, but students may wish to bring their own printer. Stories must be saved as PDFs and completely printed by the end of the contest. Style should be consistent throughout writing.

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