Photo Illustration

Photo Illustration

Students from the newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine staff can submit entries. Newspaper entries must have been published or will be published from Nov. 1, to Oct. 1, of the current school year.

Yearbook and literary magazine entries must have appeared in the most recent volume or will appear in the next volume.

• Photo shows attention to substantial content and detail.
• Photo communicates the idea being developed.
• Photo demonstrates a mastery of the computer equipment without looking computerized. Entries should be original student work. No stock images.
• Neatness in presentation.
• Photo impacts reader.
• Students should attach an explanation of how they created their images and the purpose of the images.

Uploaded Photo Contests Rules & Procedures
• Students may submit one entry per contest.
• Schools may enter three students per contest.
• Entries must be entered online at
• Advisers must be members of JEA for students to enter this contest.
• Advisers should go to, log in and follow the directions for entering photos.
• Photos must be no more than 2000 pixels in the long direction and no larger than 2MB saved as RGB (or
grayscale), JPEG files.
• Images can be either color or black and white.
• Captions must be included in the Description field. For instructions on how to enter the caption information, go to
• Advisers may register contestants with student e-mail addresses so that students can log in and upload their own photos, or teachers may upload the photos for the students. DO NOT wait until the
contest deadline to enter students.
• DO NOT bring images to the convention. All critiques will be completed online. DO NOT mail the photographs.
• DO NOT submit images in which the content has been significantly digitally altered. Such images should be entered in the Photo Illustration competition.
• Photo illustrations are acceptable as part of a portfolio in the portfolio contest. Entries must be entered online no later than midnight Oct. 1.

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