Houston Relief Effort

Saint Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas

Saint Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas

Scholastic journalism departments are coming together to assist other student media programs affected by Harvey.

Our hearts are with our colleagues, their students and schools impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We know the destruction is far from over, but we appreciate the reports of safety from our friends, and we pray for the best in the worst conditions.

With many school districts closing for the week, we understand it will take time for officials to truly know the full picture of devastation. Please know your friends from across the state are glued to news feeds and televisions for updates and pray for your safety.

For those of us wishing we could spring into action to help, our time is now. Recovery and relief efforts will be on a wide scale with national organizations, charitable groups and relief teams reaching out to help. TAJE, with your help, will assist journalism classrooms in the affected areas. Over the next few weeks, we need help finding out which Texas schools have been affected by the storms. Please let us know. The rest of us will be ready to answer with the collective strength of Texas scholastic journalism.

Click on a link below as we begin to rally Texas journalism departments to “adopt” a hard-hit school with the goal of supporting their recovery needs. If you, your students or building have been affected, fill out the I Need Help form below. We’ll team you up with a school willing to help.

Please know we are here for you and ready to support you in any way we can.

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Feel free to contact Cindy Todd at director@taje.org, Margie Raper at president@taje.org or Leland Mallett at webmaster@taje.org.