Ed Larsen


Ed Larsen

Number of years teaching

Name(s) of media you advise
County Line News Media and Panorama Yearbook

School Name & City
Cinco Ranch HS – Katy, TX

TAJE Region
Region 9 – ESC 3 & 4

Most unusual item in/on your desk?
Exacto knives (as a reminder of my roots)

Favorite deadline snack?
Trail mix

Nicknames your students have given you?
Kevin Bacon

Superpower you’d want as a teacher?
Telepath the flow of yearbook portraits by yelling “Go Big Red!”

Personal catchphrase or motto?
“Hey Gang”

What is the reason you love teaching journalism?
There’s no greater fulfillment than watching a student fulfill their passion through superb storytelling.

What is the most important lesson a student has ever taught you?
How to dab and Nae Nae

Describe your favorite lesson to teach.
Investigative Journalism using “All the President’s Men” and “Spotlight”