Kim Haefner


Kim Haefner
Coronado High School, El Paso
Number of years teaching: 27

Name(s) of media you advise
Legend yearbook, Kaleidoscope literary magazine

Most unusual item in/on your desk?
My desk itself is painted hot pink.

Favorite deadline snack?
salt and vinegar potato chips

Nicknames your students have given you?
the Haefenator

Superpower you’d want as a teacher?
to clone myself during yearbook deadlines

Personal catchphrase or motto?
I can’t do better than my best.

What is the reason you love teaching journalism?
I love helping students create something that they can hold in their hands and be proud of at the end of the year (the ultimate sense of accomplishment).

Advice for other Advisers
If they say they want to quit staff, just let them go.

What is the most important element to a successful program?
Being able to roll with the punches during the year, then figuring out how to solve the problems over the summer.

Describe your favorite lesson to teach.
How to interview for a good feature story.