Abby Cole


Abby Cole
Plano East Senior High School
Number of Years Teaching: 13

Name(s) of media you advise
Panther Pride yearbook, Panther Prints online and digital news

Most unusual item in/on your desk?
at this very moment, an uneaten bag of grapes I intended to snack on, but got interrupted

Favorite deadline snack?

Nicknames your students have given you?

Superpower you’d want as a teacher?
cloning powers

Personal catchphrase or motto?
Look for balance in everything and always look at the big picture.

What is the reason you love teaching journalism?
It’s so rewarding to watch these students grow as journalists and to see their passions develop. Working with them is a fun, collaborative process full of surprises that keep each day packed with energy and creativity.

Advice for other Advisers
That I need to try my hardest to understand each new generation, the challenges they face, and the experiences they have/have not had thus far in life.

What is the most important element to a successful program?
Communication, motivation, passion, the desire to keep learning

Describe your favorite lesson to teach.
Advertising creative concepts! This my background and I get super excited when we get to do anything related to advertising campaigns, promotions, the creative execution and design. My absolute favorite!