Best of Best: Newspaper/Broadcast


BOTB Area Category School Name
Online Newspaper Concept O1 Multimedia Presentation Lovejoy High School Lily Hager, Joeley Hedgcoxe, Jackie Carroll, Alexis Russell, Grace Nguyen, and Kelsey Carroll
Online Newspaper Objective Writing O9 In-Depth Package Bridgeland High School Tommy Yarrish
Online Newspaper Subjective Writing O17 Entertainment Review Westwood High School Emily Lu
Print Newspaper Concept N5 Alternative Coverage James Bowie High School Jocelyn Brooks
Print Newspaper Objective Writing N10 In-Depth Package Texas High School
Anna Grace Jones, Misty Lopez, Craig Crawford, Lindsey Egger, Jhovany Perez, Andrea Loredo
Print Newspaper Subjective Writing N14 Staff Editorial McCallum High School Kristen Tibbetts
Print Newspaper Photography/Artwork N19 News Photo McCallum High School Madison Olsen
Print Newspaper Design N35 Double Truck Design James Bowie High School Abby Ong
Broadcast Story B2 Feature Story McKinney High School Samantha Richards, Anika Newland, Ally Tauber
Broadcast Talent B5. Anchor Talent Prosper High School Tyler Windon
Online Newspaper Photography/Artwork O24 Photo Portfolio McKinney High School
Abney Garcia
1 – (Photo 10: Senior Macy Winburn reaches…)
2 – (Photo 2: Headhunter Bryce…)
3 – (Photo 1: The new MISD Stadium…)
4 – (Photo 8: Quarterback Kelvin Thomas…)
5 – (Photo 13: Senior flautist Bridget…)


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