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    2013 Uploaded Photo Contest Winners

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    • Show us your shoes. The official photographer adjusts the dress of Victoria Garcia to reveal her choice of footwear. Artist Statement: I desaturated the entire photo then colored back in the shoes and the flowers to emphasize the color. Photo by Mona Gallegos

    • As her head is being shaved by junior Lauren Castrianni, sophomore Jammie Melton smiles at her dad in the crowd. Jammie shaved her head for her grandmother who had cancer. “I was with her when she got her head shaved and i saw how much it hurt her,” Jammie said. “I wanted to show that you can be brave.” Photo by Colin Mitchell

    • Bowie dawgs fight against Westlake for the win. Photo by Jamie Dorsey; James bowie High School (Austin TX.; Michael Reeves; advisor)

    • The Bowie crowd chants for their team as they throw baby powder in the air. Photo By Brenda Saucedo; James Bowie High School (Austin; Tx.; Michael Reeves; Advisor)

    • Quarterback Freedom Salas, 11 watches the defense as they attempt to hold the Holmes Huskies on their half of the field. The team went on to win 44-13 and Salas completed two touchdown passes. Photo by Sarah Davila

    • At the UIL Criminal Justice tryouts, Junior Tristan Carter plays a criminal in a felony trafic stop. “Criminal justice is not just waving a gun around, it requires a lot of thought process,” Tristan said. “It helps me prepare for what I want to do as a living.” Photo by Colin Mitchell

    • Anissa Reyna blocks Anna Thill in an attempt to get another point for her Sophomore Powder Puff team. Photo by Kaitlyn Monroe; James Bowie High School (Austin; TX.; Michael Reeves; adviser)

    • Getting ready for a Saturday morning band practice, Sawyer Kim 11 practices his drum skills while standing in the band parking lot. Later that day, the band went on to compete in the Drums Along the Medina competition at Southwest High School. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

    • At halftime, Jacob Garza 12 sits on the bench in the locker room of Dragon Stadium, facing their first loss of the season. Garza, an offensive lineman, sits alone in the quiet as line backer, Paris Toler 12 yells, “We did not come all the way over here to get our butts kicked.” The frustration and dissapointment felt by Garza blocks all encouragement by his teammates. At 17-0, the possibilities of bringing in the first third consecutive win in 15 years seem slim. Photo by John Morgan

    • After the Mesquite playoff game, the team gets in a “full circle” to celebrate their victory. Photo by Giovanni Sabala

    • At the homecoming pep rally Mr. Mike Bennett eats the last of his wings during the Buffalo Wild Wings, wing eating contest. Photo by Giovanni Sabala

    • Before the game, juniors Vianei Sanchez and Cameron Coiro paint junior Myra Mata’s face with school colors. The three students decided to wear the paint because the game was so important to the team. “It was such an awesome expirience for me,” Vianei said. “I love watching basketball and cheering for my school.” Photo by Giovanni Sabala

    • At the game against Highland Park, seniors Darrin Donaldson, Red Shannon, and Connor Fuentes wrestle for the ball. The Lions beat the Scots for the first time in more than two years. “I’ve lost to Highland Park 5 times in my high school career,” Darrin said. “Words can’t describe how i felt to finally blow them out.” Photo by Colin Mitchell

    • While scoring on Boyd, Darrin Donaldson goes up for a lay-up. The Lions lost the home game. Photo by Colin Mitchell

    • After the goalie kicked the ball, sophomore Arysha Khalilian battles for control by heading the ball. Arysha had success heading, scoring a goal against Plano West to put the team in second place. “The step up from JV to varsity was a lot different because it was more challenging. Photo by Colin Mitchell

    • Sitting amongst the graduating class of 2013, Natalia Deleon stares into the crowd in search for the comforting smiles of her parents. With plans to attend the University of San Antonio, the final steps towards achieving her goal as a music teacher rest in the collapsable chairs of the Freeman Coliseum. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

    • After the conclusion of the holiday orchestra and choir concert, choral members Greg Garcia 9 and Josiah Barrios 12 walk through the exit backstage. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

    • As a part of the holiday prodction, Tejeda Middle School dance team members rehearse in the Lee High School auditorium. The middle schoolers collaborated with the high school dancers of the North East School of the Arts in the Christmas inspired performance on Dec. 15. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

    • While living in Guatamala at age 14, Nelli Spener 12, now 18, got her first tattoo of the Latin saying “Ne quid nimis” which translates to “Not anything in excess”. When she returned to Texas, Spener continued to add onto her body art collection. Now she boasts 14 tattoos trailing from her ankle to the back of her right ear. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

    • After winning the first football game of the season 17-16 against the Marshall Rams, Defensive End Austin Freund 12 celebrates on the sidelines. For the first time in two years, the football team beat the out-of-district opponent. Photo by Katherine Sotelo

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