Fall Fiesta Contest FAQs

Q: Which categories allow multiple entries per school?

A: Literary Magazine Writing, Literary Magazine Design, Pre-Convention Photo, Pre-Convention Video, Podcasting, Digital Reporting, Broadcast Package, On-Site Photo, Cell Phone and Team Scavenger Hunt all allow multiple entries per school; check each category for limits. All other categories have a limit of one student or team per school.

Q: Can students cross-enter categories?

A: Students in uploaded categories may enter a live one as well. The uploaded categories are: Literary Magazine Writing, Beginning Yearbook Design, Advanced Yearbook Design, Newspaper Feature Page Design, Marketing, Literary Magazine Design, Pre-Convention Photo, Pre-Convention Video and Podcasting. Students are not able to enter more than one live event due to schedule conflicts.

Q: What if I need to make a substitution?

A: If you know prior to coming to the convention, email contests@taje.org. If you don’t know until the day of, you can make substitutions onsite at the registration desk.

Q: Why does TAJE use the ATPI website for photo contests?

A: For pre-convention contests, the ATPI system allows us to easily issue critiques and determine photos eligible to advance. The volume of entries in the on-site contest make email submission impossible to manage — we receive hundreds of photos for each prompt. Using the online system ensures all photos are properly received/credited to each competitor.

Q: How do I add students to the contests?

A: Here is a tutorial video.

Q: How do students prepare images for photo contests?

A: The ATPI website has a step-by-step tutorial here. No need to specify beginning or advanced for our contests.

Q: I don’t have Adobe Bridge or Photoshop. How are my students supposed to enter the photo contests?

A: Adobe Bridge is now free to download — no Adobe subscription required. GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop. Here’s a video tutorial on prepping contest images through GIMP.

Q: This metadata stuff is such a pain! Why do we have to do this for photo contests?

A: Metadata is what lets us identify the student, category and school. In addition, entering metadata isn’t solely a TAJE requirement — ATPI and JEA require it as well. (Also, it’s a great tool to use for managing your photo content at school — information in these fields are searchable!)

Q: Who do I contact if I have a suggestion for contests/complaint/high praise?

A: Email contests@taje.org.